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From where can I get a list of the projects selected on the first call proposals?

  • The contracting of the first call hasn't been concluded yet. The list of the project can be published only when the contracting has been finalised. The list will be published on this website. 

If a project doesn't get funding is it possible to apply again with the same application? 
  • It is possible to apply for funding again with the same idea, but the application needs to be filled in and sent again.

Is there a limit of characters in the concept note on the second call?

  • The number of characters isn't limited as such but the idea is that the the idea should be presented shortly, approximately in four pages. In addition to those four pages comes the descriptions of the lead partner, partners and associates. 

When are the decisions on the second call made?

  • According to the initial timetable the invitations to the second phase of the call will be sent on 28th June and the deadline for the grant applications is 27th September. The Joint Monitoring Committee is supposed to confirm the decisions in November or December 2011.