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The First Call

Eligible actions

Are small-scale investments eligible?

  • Yes.

Is it necessary to iplement the project both in Finland and in Russia?

  • The idea of the project needs to be based on cross-border cooperation and there has to be partners from both side of the border, but the partners may decide where  the action is implemented.

Lead partner and partners

May an entrerprise act as a Lead Partner?

  • Yes, but it is important to remember that projects meant to benefit solely one enterprise (or one enterprise and its partner) aren't acceptable.

Is it possible that a partner is located outside the programme area/outside EU?

  • Yes, but partners that aren't located in the programme area need to bring to the project expertise that can't be found from the programme region. The Lead Partner must come from the programme area or from the adjacent regions.

How many Lead Partners there are on a project?

  • One, in addition of which there must be at least one partner.

Is it possible to distribute the responsibilities between the partners or is the Lead Partner responsible for the whole project?

  • Responsibilities may be distributed between the partners when agreed, but the Lead Partner is responsible for the Joint Managing Authority of the implementation of  the project.

Is it possible to name the subcontractors on the application?

  • The subcontractors should always be tendered - naming the subcontractor on the application doesn't give the right to give up on the tendering process. 

Is it possible to participate on several projects/applications?

  • Yes. One organisation may particate in as many projects it sees relevant.

May a Russian organisation act as a Lead Partner?

  • Yes, if it meets the eligibility criteria.

The Lead Partner is responsible for its partners' information (for example the Guidelines, p. 10, points a-f). How and when does the Lead Partner confirm the information?

  • Partnership Statements on which the partners comfirm their eligibility are attached to the application on the second phase of the call. However, the Lead Partner is still responsible its partners - if a partner is ineligible, even if it had stated otherwise on a partnership statement, the project is ineligible as a whole. The Lead Partner needs to use methods and ways it feels sufficient on comfirming the reliability of a partner. 


How is the budget allocated between the Finnish and Russian partners?

  • No percentage has been defined for allocating the costs between partners. The allocation depends on the implemented actions.

May accomodation costs and daily allowances be included on the travelling expences compensated to the associates?

  • Yes.

Who pays the Finnish and Russian national financing to the Lead Partner?

  • The Council of Oulu Region is responsible for all payments.

May universities/research centres use work of their employees as their own contribution to the project?

  • It is possible to use the work of an employee as organisation's own contribution when the employee has been appointed to the project and is de facto working for the project.

How much own financing is expected?

  • No grant may exceed 90 % of the total eligible costs of the action, thus the own contribution is at least 10 %.

Is it possible to use in kind contributions?

  • Contributions in kind are not considered to be actual expenditure and are not eligible costs, thus they can't be used as a part of own contribution either.

What kind of costs should be taken into account when drafting the budget?

  • Besides the costs relating to the action itself, costs relating to administrating the project should be taken into account, for example audits of the project. On travelling costs it should be noticed that the Joint Managing Authority organises information seminars for the projects at least annually. Besides the Lead Partner also the partners are inveted to participate on these seminars.

Is the amount of contribution equal from every partner?

  • Not necessarily. 10 % is needes altogether, but the Lead Partner together with its partners decide how much is the contibution of each. 

Submitting of an application

Should the concept note be written in English?

  • Yes, both the Concept Note and the Full Application are written in English.

Which are the sections that need to be filled in on the Concept Note?

  • All the sections that are open on the EMOS needs to be filled in. The sections relating to the full application form are opened only on the second phase of the call. 

Who singns the Concept Note?

  • The Concept Note, as well as the Full Application - is signed by a person who has the signature rights on the Lead Partner organisation. No partnership statements signed by partners are attached to the Concept Note, only to the Full Application.

How is the budget filled in?

  • On the first phase of the call only the total costs and the requested contibution are needed. Only on the second phase a more detailed budget is included to the application.

Implementing of a project

Is it possible to launch a project with activities implemented on the Finnish side of the border before the Russian Federation ratifies the Financial Agreement?

  • No, expenditure of a project is eligible only after the Grant Contract between the JMA and the Lead Partner has been signed. The JMA can't sign the contracts before the Financial Agreement has been ratified.

    When will the Grant Contracts be signed?

    • The Monitoring Committee comfirms the project selection on its meeting on 24th June. The JMA begins preparing the contracts right after the meeting.

    Is there a minimum lenght for a project?

    No. The maximum is 36 months.