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Tourism cooperation

The second call was opened under a theme tourism cooperation on March 1st 2011. The first phase was closed on May 3rd 2011. The projects for implementation have been chosen in December 2011 and will be published once the grant contracts have been signed.

The overall objective for the call is to strengthen cross-border cooperation in tourism and to make the programme region more attractive tourist attraction. The specific objectives are to develop tourism related know-how, improve the conspicuousness of the programme region on other regions and countries, create and strengthen joint marketing and to promote sustainable tourism.

Objectives for Priority 1 (Economic development):

  • to market the programme are for tourist from other regions and countries
  • to create and/or strengthen networks of joint marketing and productizing
  • to promote and facilitate tourism related investments in the programme region
  • to develop electronic and web-based services
  • to develop tourism related know-how and expertise
  • to promote the security of the cross-border tourism.

Objectives for Priority 2 (Quality of life)

  • to promote sustainable tourism
  • to ensure the preconditions for nature and culture tourism
  • to promote aiming at youth as a target group on tourism
  • to develop tourism related know-how and expertise.

The call for proposals is restricted; on the first phase of the call a concept note is submitted to the Joint Managing Authority. Grant applications are submitted during the second phase of the call. Funding is applied using the EMOS system.

The overall indicative amount made available under this call is EUR 6 620 000. Minimum amount of the grant is EUR 50 000. Maximum amount of the grant is EUR 3 806 500 on projects under priority 1 and EUR 2 813 500 on projects under priority 2. No grant may exceed 90 % of the total eligible costs of the action.