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Karelia ENPI CBC newsletter 12/2011
Otsikko: Karelia ENPI CBC newsletter 12/2011
Lähetyspäivä: 2011-12-23 06:59:23
Numero : 9

Karelia ENPI CBC news



The objectives and timetables of the next calls confirmed

The monitoring committee confirmed the timetables and objectives of the calls for proposals that will be opened in 2012. The calls for proposals concentrating oncultural cooperation and on social wellbeing will be opened on February 1st 2012 and the first phases of those calls will be closed on March 19th. The call focusing onsustainable exploitation of the natural resources will be opened on April 2nd and closed on 27th August 2012.

The applicant's packages will be published once the call in question opens, but the objectives of each call can be read already now from the themes' pages.

The information events relating to all of the calls will be organised as follows:

  • Kostomuksha on Thursday Feb 2nd (the even is meant both for Finns and Russian (interpretation between Finnish and Russian) and there shall be a possibility for connecting between organisations interested in implementing the projets).
  • Oulu on Tuesday Feb 7th.
  • Joensuu on Thursday Feb 16th.
The exact locations and times will be announced later.
Additional information:
Programme coordinator Henna-Mari Helenius
tel. +358 50 9180 049, henna-mari.helenius[at]

The projects for tourism cooperation chosen

The monitoring committee confirmed the tourism cooperation projects selected for implementation. A total of 11 applications were approved, with a total Programme financial contribution of EUR 6 239 377.

The lead partners have been informed about the results of the selection. The selected projects can be published by the Joint Managing Authority only when the grant contracts have been signed. The first contracts are expected to be completed in February 2012.

The second phase of the forest and energy call

The third call concentrating on forest based cooperation and sustainable energy solutions was opened in September. The proposals for the second phase were chosen by the Selection Committee in December. Altogether 11 concept notes are asked to be completed into grant applications.

The deadline for the grant applications is March 30th and the final decisions are expected in June 2012.

New staff members

Since the programme is fully in operation now, new staff members have been recruited: Mr Jarkko Kärkimaa has already started working as a financial controller and Mr Toni Saranpää will begin working as a programme coordinator in the beginning on January.

Tatiana Minina has started working as an office manager at the branch office of the programme, in Petrozavodsk.

Happy holidays!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2012!