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Taimenilta Kuusamossa ti 29.4. – Avoin yleisötilaisuus

Автор: Raisa Nikula
16.04.2014 12:46
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Oulangan taimenhanke (KA531 Saving our joint treasure: sustainable trout fisheries for the transborder Oulanka river system) järjestää luonnonvaraisten järvitaimenkantojen kalastusta ja hoitoa käsittelevän avoimen yleisötilaisuuden Kuusamossa.

Paikka: Kuusamon kaupungintalon valtuustosali, Keskuskuja 6 (2. krs) Aika: Tiistaina 29. huhtikuuta 2014, klo 18–21 (kahvitarjoilu alkaen 17:30)

Tilaisuus alkaa hankkeen esityksillä: • Kuusamon suurjokien taimensaaliin jakautuminen eri kalastajaryhmien kesken (Raisa Nikula, Metsähallitus) • Rajallisen resurssin käytön rajat vastassa: jokikalastuksen, järvikalastuksen ja poikasistutusten vaikutukset taimenkantojen kehitykseen (Ari Huusko, Riista- ja kalatalouden tutkimuslaitos) • Jokikalastuksen tuomat rahavirrat ja taimenen merkitys Kuusamon kalastusmatkailuimagolle (Timo P. Karjalainen, Oulun Yliopisto/Thule-instituutti)

Keskustelun virittämiseen osallistuvat myös Kuusamon kaupunki, Kuusamon kylien yhteisten vesien osakaskunta KYVOK, Vuotungin osakaskunta ja Hautajärven kalastusalue. Metsähallituksen eräsuunnittelija Kari Sarajärvi johtaa puhetta.

Hanke toivottaa kaikki aiheesta kiinnostuneet lämpimästi tervetulleiksi!

Lisätietoja: Raisa Nikula (projektipäällikkö), puh. 040-715 2959, sähköposti raisa.nikula[a]

First information seminar of KA526 “Clean Ladoga”

Автор: Ellen Cherniakevich
03.04.2014 13:05
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On March 27th Hotel “Karelia” hosted an information seminar of a “Clean Ladoga” project, where experts presented the results of the first in 10 years comprehensive research of Ladoga Lake’s water resources and recommendations on the preservation of Ladoga’s biodiversity.

The researches put great emphasis on revelation of human impact level on Ladoga and its tributary rivers. According to Sergey Komulainen, a senior researcher in the Institute of biology of KarRC RAS, the analysis showed that agricultural facilities (croplands and stock breeding complexes) as well as inefficient or even out-of-service waste treatment facilities located in coastal areas have the most negative impact on the lake. Petr Lozovik from the Institute of Water Problems of the North has also underlined high level of influence exerted by actively developing trout farms.

Thus, the conducted researches identified the whole new complex of problems that should be resolved as soon as possible. This is why the group of Russian and Finnish experts prepared an extended list of recommendations on easing-off the human impact. This list includes a number of top-priority tasks such as

  • establishment of a forest protective belt in a water conservation zone and transfer of agricultural facilities from this zone;
  • regulation of further development of trout farms;
  • construction of water treatment facilities for untreated sewage water as well as upgrade of existing facilities and their efficiency.

Moreover the researches will help to select the most toxic waste water treatment plants, develop feasibility studies and design estimate documentation for at least 4 communal objects and propose them for investments to private and state investors. Local communities will be actively involved as well: the project experts will hold a series of training seminars for both treatment facilities’ employees who will work with new equipment and entrepreneurs and representatives of local administrations responsible for the practical implementation of measures aimed at Ladoga’s pollution reduction.

The importance of solution of problems revealed by the project is noted not only by scientific community but the representatives of government and local authorities. The officials from the Ministry for land use and environmental protection, as well as from the Ministry for construction, housing and utility services and energy expressed readiness to support project partners’ initiatives and told about the work that is being implemented today.

Particular attention was paid to legislation. Polina Goldenberg, State inspector on control in the sphere of water objects use and protection, land use and environmental protection of Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Natural Resource Use, presented the amendments to the Water Code and  the Code of Administrative Offences came into force November 1, 2013. They are designed to fight unscrupulous entrepreneurs who untill recently benefited from paying the fine for violation of environmental legislation more than from elimination of disastrous consequences of their business activity.

One 2-year project is obviously unable to solve all identified problems that have been cumulating for decades. This is why the partners’ alliance has decided to continue this work in future, including the projects that will be implemented in the framework of European Partnership Instrument. But all the future project will definitely have a common goal: make the Ladoga shore a comfortable place to live for local people, an attractive place for tourists to come, and interesting for controlled fishery.

Ellen Cherniakevich

KA366: The summary of international conference "Maps, Apps and Other Tools”

Автор: Anu Karreinen
27.03.2014 08:29
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n March 18th the project Contemporary Old City: Enhancing cultural tourism across the border organized international conference on development of cultural tourism “Maps, Apps and Other Tools” in Joensuu, Finland. Conference brought together all in all 80 participants – regional authorities, tourism entrepreneurs, tourism students personnel from education and research organizations, culture organizations and other tourism and culture operators. Also the Republic of Karelian was represented in the audience.

Pentti Hyttinen, Region Mayor from Regional Council of North Karelia, opened the conference with welcoming words.

Morning’s theme was growth in regional economy from culture tourism.

Project Manager Susanna Markkola from Finnish Tourism Board presentation was about Finnish culture tourism program “Culture Finland”. Program’s aim is to create new experiences for tourists and to offer new business opportunities for culture and tourism operators.

Janna Puumalainen, Director of city of Joensuu, spoke about culture tourism in Joensuu and North Karelia. She highlighted several examples about culture and event tourism in Joensuu region.

Developing of Petrozavodsk tourism strategy was presented by Junior Researcher Anastasia Vasilieva from Institute of Economy of Karelian Research Centre. She mentioned the research which had shown that especially developing culture and event tourism will be worthwhile in Petrozavodsk.

The Deputy of the Kizhi State Open-Air Museum Irina Pavlova presented museum’s activity, tourism products and services and also future’s development plans.

After the lunch break, afternoon’s theme was sharing good practices from us and elsewhere.

Tuuli Elstrok’s (Product Development Coordinator from Estonian Tourist Board) presentation seemed to be especially interesting based on the audience’s feedback. Presentation covered many projects, experiments and campaigns connecting to culture tourism and it showed how diverse electrical solutions and social media were used.

Project Manager Dagnija Udre from Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia, presented “Via Hanseatica” project, which develops tourism route from Russia, through Estonia to Latvia.

Borderless VisitKarelia platform was presented by Project Designer Jouni Tolvanen from Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd. offers tourism information about North Karelian and is about Russian Karelian tourism offerings.

Joensuu Culture mobile application was presented by Project Manager Timo Rui and Project Planning Officer Anu Karreinen from Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Application covers information about cultural sites in Joensuu.

After the conference day, participants had an opportunity to visit the exhibition “World of Kizhi”, which opening ceremony was held on previous evening.

Photos and presentations of conference can be found from:

Festival of contemporary choreography

Автор: ENPI
25.03.2014 08:19
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From 14th to 17th of March Karelian College of Culture and  
Arts held Festival of contemporary choreography Dancing Whirlpool. As  
a continuation of the joint work of Karelian College of Culture and  
Arts and Vocational College in Outokumpu, the project Dancing  
whirlpool is aimed at the promotion and development of modern trends  
in choreography and involving children and young people to  
participation in cultural events. Among the project activities  there  
are workshops of Russian and Finnish teachers in contemporary, jazz,  
country and folk dance for students and members of creative teams,  
production a performance and its premiere in Petrozavodsk, Segezha,  
Kostomuksha, Outokumpu, Kuopio, publication of teaching materials as  
well as Festival of contemporary choreography. The Festival was  
attended by 43 participants aged from 13 to 18 from Petrozavodsk,  
Olonets, Pitkäranta, Sortavala, Kostomuksha, Medvezhyegorsk, Pryazha,  
Chalna, Shuya, Helylä as well as from Murmansk and Arkhangelsk  
regions. Solo and ensemble choreography in different techniques:  
contemporary, jazz, modern, hip-hop, pop dance (folk-modernist,  
neoclassical, etc.) were presented to the jury.

The Grand Prix was awarded to Maria Kozak, a Laureate Diploma in the  
nomination Contemporary was awarded to Lilia Zakharova.

Jyrki Haapala, Finnish choreographer, addressing the participants of  
the final seminar noted that such projects as Dancing Whirlpool is  
very important. Understanding and respect for each other, for dance  
styles, techniques, viewpoints and opinions begin with understanding  
and respect for themselves. In order to achieve it you need to create  
culture of work and confidence. In such an atmosphere it is much  
easier to explore and play with different ways of expression, to  
receive constructive advice from others. Only then the creative  
person's confidence can develop and lead to good cooperation.

Oksana Konopleva

Online GIS training in Joensuu, 26.03. – 28.03.2014

Автор: ENPI
18.03.2014 08:34
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Karlands project is organising an online GIS seminar in Joensuu 27.-28.3.2014.

Take a look on the agenda of the seminar in English and in Russian.

Additional information:

Eugene Lopatin, Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

Outcomes of the 2nd international conference “CITIES BY THE WATER, IMAGES REAL AND VIRTUAL” (KA366)

Автор: Anu Karreinen
11.03.2014 15:52
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On February 20th-21st the 2nd international conference “CITIES BY THE WATER: IMAGES REAL AND VIRTUAL”, held within the international projects “Contemporary old city: enhancing cultural tourism across the border” (funded by the Karelia ENPI Cross-border cooperation programme), and “City Branding. Phase II: Common branding of medium-sized cities” (funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers), took place in Petrozavodsk.

The organizers were:

– Petrozavodsk City Administration; – Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KarRC RAS); – Institute of Economic Studies, KarRC RAS; – Union of Russian Cities; – Karelian Resource Centre for NGOs; – Karelian Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA Karelian Branch); – Karelian Regional Non-government Fund “Petrozavodsk”.

The conference had nearly 150 participants – specialists in strategic planning, place marketing and branding, spatial planning, architecture, landscape planning and design, as well as representatives of businesses and NGOs.

The participants came from Petrozavodsk, Cherepovets, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kondopoga, Moscow, Olonets, St. Petersburg, Sosnovy Bor, Tolyatti, Veliky Novgorod, Vologda, Vyborg (Russia), and from Elblong and Katowice (Poland), Narva (Estonia), Kristiansand (Norway), Joensuu and Varkaus (Finland).

The conference was greeted by the Consul of the Petrozavodsk Office of the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg Mr. T. Kinnunen and the Mayor of Petrozavodsk Ms. G. Shirshina.

Reputed Russian experts in place branding and marketing D. Vizgalov, N. Zamyatina, V. Dubeykovsky gave lectures at the plenary session. Ms. S. Palviainen from Joensuu (Finland) shared the experience of networking and cooperation between various stakeholders in cultural tourism development.

On its second day the conference worked in four parallel thematic sessions:

– Designing and marketing local brands; – Tourism: real and virtual; – Urban images; – Water resources: apparent and latent developmental opportunities.

Presentations were made on various aspects of strategic and spatial planning, city marketing and branding, landscape design in waterfront cities, development of crafts, events marketing, promoting citizens’ initiative and involving local people in the city development, utilization of water resources in municipal development, etc.

In the “Urban Images” session the results of the “Visual markers in Petrozavodsk” design sketch competition held within the “Contemporary old city” project were announced, and the winner diploma was awarded to designer S. Treshkin.

The speakers emphasized the need to promote and strengthen cooperation on city planning, marketing and branding between all stakeholders, including local communities, authorities and business. During the discussions the participants expressed willingness to continue multilateral contacts to create the conditions necessary to implement projects in these spheres.

The conference was timed to one of brand events in Petrozavodsk – the annual “Hyperborea” Winter Festival and the Snow and Ice Sculpture Contest, which the conference participants could visit as part of the cultural programme.

In conclusion, the organizers voiced the opinion that given the topicality and growing interest in the subject the “CITIES BY THE WATER” conference has all the potential to develop into an annual event.

The participants unanimously remarked on the smooth organization, rich programme and creative atmosphere of the conference.

Conference photos can be found from:

Lifelong Wellbeeing KA 422 in Kostomuksha.

Автор: Julia Kuznetsova
04.03.2014 14:30
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Lifelong Wellbeeing KA 422 is realized in the Kostomukshi and neighboring Kainuu region in Finland. The project started in May 2013 when kindergarten "Korablik" was the only partner from administration of Kostomuksha district, later 5 more kindergartens joined to the project.  The project involves six kindergartens, 17 representatives from kindergartens and 52 target families. All in all about 180 people are involved in the project KA422

The project aims to promote the welfare of children and families. Kindergartens are actively involved in the project activities. 1. Meetings was held with the staff of kindergartens, selected target families, completed questionnaires. The planned project activity- sports entertainment "Together with my mother " ( December the 4th ) showed to the children and parents the importance to be close to each other. In the frame of the project week ( February 7-14 ) were conducted realized sports and educational series of events “ small Olympic Games in the Kindergarten” with the involvement of parents ( sports events , competitions , interviews , creative gallery , Museum of the Olympic Games ) . The result of this event underlined the importance of physical culture, sports in the life of the child.

20.01. - 21.01.2014 in the day care center " Korablik " was another seminar "Formation of preschoolers the basics of a healthy lifestyle during the theme weeks” . During the workshop, the participants study the experience of the day care center " Korablik " to create health- environment organization of motor mode , attended open sessions on how to make healthy food groups , tempering events after day sleep, exercise in the pool "Rainbow health." In the round table " Catering in kindergartens " the senior nurses told about experience in catering . Numerous questions about working with suppliers , including food allergies, diet came from the parents of pupils . This work showed the relevance and significance of the problem. Finnish colleagues were given the opportunity to attend the event to improve the skills of educators , workshop "Nutrition and Education" held senior educator Yulia Novikova.

KA 407 - Associates launch a joint marketing brand NordicDom

Автор: Mari Maier
28.02.2014 15:12
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The associates of the New Business Model between Kainuu and Karelian wood industries - project launch a joint marketing brand! The products of the associated companies will be marketed and sold in the future in the Russian market under the umbrella brand NordicDom.

NordicDom combines wooden house building companies from Finland and Russia, whose main work principles and distinctive characteristics are usage of ecological materials and state of the art technologies, which result in Scandinavian high quality of end products. The group offers a wide range of timber framed houses, log houses and houses made of laminated beams to please any taste.

The brand will be launched at the Wooden House -fair in Moscow during 13.-16.3.2014. The NordicDom -group will be found at Hall 8, section D46-1. The stand is 42m2 big and designed by ReForma, an architectural studio from Moscow. This studio will cooperate with the NordicDom -group also in the future and represent the products in Moscow Area.

The participation at the fair and the introducing of the joint marketing brand is accompanied by launching a website, too. The website is under construction now and will be launched just before the fair starts.

KA 342 | Finnish partners on TV in Karelia

Автор: Denis Rogatkin
27.02.2014 13:22
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Two episodes of "After school" program devoted to work of Finnish participants of project aired in February 2014 on TNT-Onego channel.

Episodes were prepared by school students - young TV-journalists of Doroga youth union. They filmed during their trip to Joensuu, Kontiolahti and Oulu in January 2014 within project.

Episode from 10 February 2014 featured reporters' trip to Joensuu and its youth life. They investigated whether young people found museums interesting, visited a girls-only house, watched rehearsal of senior students' ball dance and found out why a new youth club was called "Whisper".

Episode from 17 February 2014 was devoted to Joensuu unit of School of Eastern Finland. The school specializes in teaching Russian and has the most experience in cross-border cooperation. Reporters from "After school" program visited a Talent show organized by the student board of the school. Later they were on an unusual class called "iPad teaching".

There will be new episodes of "After school" program devoted to project in March on TNT-Onego. The audience of the channel amounts to 400 thousand viewers which is more than half of Karelian population. Citizens of Petrozavodsk, Prionezhsky, Pryazhinsky and Kondopozhsky district watch TNT-Onego.

"After school" program is produced by the youth team of Doroga youth union and airs Monday at 19.50 on TNT-Onego.

Watch the videos on project web pages:

Health habit diaries for children (KA422)

Автор: ENPI
14.02.2014 14:03
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The food, exercise and health habit diaries of the pilot families involved in the Lifelong Wellbeing (LLW, KA 422) project are now ready for completion and have been distributed to six nurseries in Kostomuksha and five nurseries in Kajaani.

The diaries include the following questions: What type of food do the children eat at home and at the nursery? How many times a day do they eat? How much time do the children spend exercising? In which forms of exercise do they participate? The diaries also include questions addressed to the pilot families concerning the use of intoxicants, and health behaviour.

Briefings have been held for the staff of the participating nurseries and the pilot family parents about how to fill in the diary forms.

The analysis of diary content is expected to be completed in March. The aim of the food and exercise diaries is to discover the eating and exercise habits of children on both sides of the border aged between 4 to 5 years. The diary-based survey will be repeated in autumn 2014.

Matti Nissinen

KA426 / Symposium "Horizons of the Euregio Karelia region. Museums 3.0."

Автор: Natalia Sidorova
12.02.2014 20:42
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On February 6-7, 2014 Joensuu hosted a Russian-Finnish symposium "Horizons of the Euregio Karelia region. Museums 3.0". Over 60 participants representing different professional fields came together to talk about modern museum strategies, museum information technologies, marketing and communication. The symposium was moderated by Elena Zelentsova, the first deputy head of the Moscow Department for Culture.

During the symposium the participants were introduced to a new approach in creating modern exhibitions called the museum hypertext as a perspective and flexible model to establish an effective connection between the museum and the visitor. The concepts and the design projects which were developed during the project for the new exhibitions in the museums of Medvezhyegorsk, Kostomuksha and Sortavala were also introduced. The highlight of the symposium program was the presentation of an Open Karelia museum information system based on the hypertext principle which is being created for the museums of the Euregio Karelia region. The system was also tested for the first time in the exhibition of the North Karelia Museum, Joensuu.

On February 6, 2014 as part of the symposium program a photo and multimedia exhibition "Destination - Karelia" by Anastasia Khoroshilova and Jaakko Heikkila was opened in the Carelicum cultural and tourist center.

KA478 "Dancing whirlpool"

Автор: Oksana Konopleva
07.02.2014 12:48
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On the 7-th of February 2013 Karelian College of Culture and Arts opened a photo exhibition «Dancing whirlpool» in the hall of the Board of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia. Works of the Finnish photographer Egon Tiika are presented at the exhibition. The photo exhibition is organized in the framework of the project «Dancing whirlpool» which is being implemented with the support of Cross-Border Cooperation Programme within European Instrument of Neighbourhood and Partnership «Karelia». The main idea of the project is development cross border cooperation in the field of contemporary dance art, developing a network of contacts between educational institutions in the sphere of culture and involving children and youth to participation in cultural events. Together with their partner - North-Karelian Professional College in Outokumpu (Finland), Karelian and Finnish students and teachers created the choreographic performance which was shown in Petrozavodsk, Segezha, Kostomuksha, Outokumpu and Kuopio. The most impressive moments of the premiere in Outokumpu are presented at the exhibition.

Final seminar of the Greensettle project

Автор: KA192
04.02.2014 14:55
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Final seminar of the Greensettle project (KA192) will be held in Oulu on Tuesday, 18th of February. Participation is free, but registration is requested by 12th of February at Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript .

The programme of the seminar is available at seminar programme.pdf

and the invitation can be viewed at

Training on E-marketing in Russia for Finnish entrepreneurs

Автор: Satu Karhapää-Puhakka
31.01.2014 10:32
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Would you like to know more about tools and features of e-marketing and e-commerce in Russia? Would you like to create an e-marketing strategy for Russian market? Come to hear practical tips and benefits of e-marketing!

Training in Kuopio 5.2. and 12.3.,Nurmes 6.2. and 13.3.,Joensuu 7.2. and 14.3.

More information in Finnish on website

KA426 / Symposium "Horizons of the Euregio Karelia region. Museums 3.0."

Автор: Natalia Sidorova
28.01.2014 20:19
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Preparations for the upcoming Russian-Finnish symposium that will take place in Joensuu on February 6-7, 2014 are in full swing. Over 60 participants will arrive from different parts of Finland and Russian Karelia to take part in this event.

More information:

KA426 / Destination - Karelia exhibition now in Joensuu

Автор: Natalia Sidorova
28.01.2014 20:16
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This exhibition is the result of the journey made by two photographers Anastasia Khoroshilova (Russia) and Jaakko Heikkila (Finland) to the Euregio Karelia region. The exhibition is based on the artistic and anthropological survey of Karelia with its historical, ethnographic, natural, geographic, social and cultural aspects.

Both artists view Karelia as a unique place which, on one hand, is separated by the state border of Russia and Finland and by the social, military and economic history. And on the other hand this area has a lot of common features that form the phenomenon called the Euregio Karelia region.

Through this exhibition the photographers made an attempt to show how the inner world and the identity of the local people correlate with the national split by traditions, historical memory and the way of life. The answers can be found in the endless photo sheet by Anastasia Khoroshilova and the photo and audio installation by Jaakko Heikkila.

Venue: Carelicum / North Karelia Museum, Koskikatu 5, Joensuu Exhibition open: February 7 - March 5, 2014

More about Anastasia Khoroshilova at

More about Jaakko Heikkila at

Workshop - 3D Internet Possibilities in Tourism Business

Автор: KA322 Smart e-Tourism
23.01.2014 15:00
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Would you like to participate in active and lively discussions on what business opportunities and applications emerging technologies, like 3D Internet introduce into tourism industry?

Workshop 3D Internet Possibilities in Tourism Business will be held on 27th of February, 2014, at the premises of Center for Internet Excellence, University of Oulu. ICT and tourism industry experts from both Oulu and Russian Karelia regions, virtual 3D environment demonstrations, networking...and much more to come! More information about the event you can find:

Looking forward to see you!

KA526 Clean Ladoga project passed the first year of implementation

Автор: Alexander Berdino
22.01.2014 10:45
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By the end of the year all research reports on the water and bio resources of the Ladoga Lake have been completed. The reports are presented on the project Internet-site At the same time the contstruction and design documentation and all neccesary equipment and materials for the closing of untreated water dischage point in Sortavala were purchased.

KA 342 | Let’s go to the Science Festival!

Автор: Denis Rogatkin
17.01.2014 16:18
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Union of children and youth organizations of Karelia, Children and youth center of Petrozavodsk and project invite school groups from Karelia to participate in Science festival in Joensuu, Finland. Science festival will take place in Joensuu on April 23-26, 2014. This is an annual international festival. Its purpose is to tell children and youth about complicated scientific phenomena in simple terms.

The festival is organized in Arena Joensuu. There will be dozens of modules, each presenting workshops for 4 days. Visitors, mostly school students, will conduct their experiments and broaden their knowledge in different fields of science. Up to ten thousand people visit Science Festival annually.

Learn more on the official Festival website Last year a group of school students from Petrozavodsk participated in the Festival for the first time. Teachers and youth workers from organizations participating in project also came to see the Festival. This year we want to invite school students not only from Petrozavodsk, but from other parts of Karelia as well. Just like last year, travel expenses are covered by our Finnish partners. Regional Council of North Karelia provides a bus for 50 people. School groups and youth organizations of Karelia are invited to submit applications. Number of participants – 2-5 people including group leader. Read more at

KA366 Project at Travel Fair MATKA in Helsinki 16-19 Jan 2014

Автор: Erja Lehikoinen
15.01.2014 10:19
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Contemporary Old City Project (KA366) will be represented at the travel fair MATKA in Helsinki 16.-19.1.2014 with other North Karelian tourism actors on the stand of the regional tourism organization Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd. The MATKA is the largest travel industry event in Northern Europe. In this year there will be more than 1000 exhibitors from 81 countries, and in the last year the MATKA fair attracted more than 76,000 visitors, including over 18,000 professionals in the tourism sector.

Contemporary Old City Project has actively developed and contributed to the content of the Culture and History section on the website The section provides comprehensive information for tourists about folk traditions and culture in North Karelia, traditional and modern cuisine, architecture, handicrafts, art and design, museums, theatres, exhibition, music, religion, regional military history, history of regional economic development and history of transport. Information is available in Finnish, English and Russian. Similarly, the will provide tourism information from the Republic of Karelia, Russia. This unique borderless VisitKarelia marketing and service platform will be launched on 16 Jan 2014 at 13:00.You are warmly welcomed to visit the stand 6h99!


Автор: Ellen Cherniakevich
12.12.2013 18:01
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The seminar "Marketing of eco-efficient technologies. Investments in sustainable development." took place in Joensuu and Ilomantsi on November 21-22, 2013. The seminar offered examples how communities and businesses can improve eco-efficiency in their day to day tourism business through marketing (e.g., by using collaboration and electronic means) as well as how to attract investments in tourism sector. Examples included real case examples from both Republic of Karelia and Finland.

The specialists from Republic of Karelia (Petrozavodsk, Pryazha and Sortavala) as well as Finnish experts attended the event.

The first day of the seminar was held in Joensuu and focused on marketing. The whole day session was open to all interested in cross-border tourism parties like local entrepreneurs, development organizations, administrative officials, representatives of Biosphere Reserves, students, researchers and regular citizens.

Real case examples of tourism marketing challenges and successes (like "" and “Keep Lapland Tidy” projects ) dominated the morning session. The afternoon session focused on realized projects within the umbrella of eco efficiency in tourism sector. The participants were shown the presentations of key cases from Russian Karelia (like "Tourist zone "Syamozerie" development concept") and Finnish North Karelia (like "Koli region as the corner stone resort in marketing of tourism in North Karelia").

The second day was held in Mohko village of Ilomantsi and intended for project partners and key stakeholders, municipality officials, and regional heads of tourism from Russia and Finland. Financing tools and future plans were presented by them. For instance, Timo J. Hokkanen presented tourism investment strategy for Finland giving examples of funding of which Finland uses and benefits. Also future funding options through EU programmes were discussed.

The seminar has surely become a good place for exchange of experience, knowledge as well as innovation ideas and ways of their implementation.

For further information please visit official project web-site

KA342 | is a part of 100-year anniversary of Karelia program

Автор: Denis Rogatkin
10.12.2013 22:48
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The Government of Russia will support creation of an international youth center in Karelia. The Government of Russia included the second part of construction of Matkachi international youth center in a program for preparation for 100-year anniversary of Karelia. The Plan is approved by the decree of RF Government as of November 22, 2013.

According to the decree signed by Dmitry Medvedev, 89,1 million rubles will be allocated in 2017 for further reconstruction of Matkachi center. The Federal budget share is 61 million, and 28,7 million will come from the regional budget. This subsidy will allow implementing the second part of reconstruction of Matkachi camp base of Republican Children’s Center of Ecology and Biology that will offer educational programs for children and youth of Karelia and invite young people from other regions and countries to take part in them. The first stage of reconstruction will start in 2014, it is financed by grant allocated by ENPI CBC Karelia program.

As the result of the first stage, two buildings will be put into operation – one as accommodation unit and another one as study unit. ENPI CBC Karelia program allocated 14 million rubles, and 6 million should be provided as co-financing from the regional budget. Reconstruction of 2017 should be financed from the funds provided by the Federal budget in the framework of preparation for 100-year anniversary of the Republic of Karelia. It will allow increasing capacity of Matkachi center to 100 people and create a state-of-the-art infrastructure for youth educational programs, their recreation and treatment. Matkachi center will operate as a unit of Republican Children’s Center of Ecology and Biology named after Kim Andreev. Construction of an international youth center is conducted on the territory of former camp base built in the Soviet Union times and became unsuitable for use 20 years ago.

The initiative of Matkachi project was put forward by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia and a non-profit organization Karelian Education Development Fund. Experience of Finnish project partners is used in order to develop a model of the future center. There are 10 youth educational centers operating in Finland. One of them is the Hyvarila center, Nurmes which is one of Matkachi project partners.


KA518 Workshop and study trip of the wild forest reindeer project

Автор: Henna-Mari Helenius
27.11.2013 14:31
There are no translations available.

The workshop of the wild forest reindeer project was arranged in Joensuu in 21st-22nd of November 2013. There were 14 participants; 7 from Finland and 7 from Russia. All the partner organizations were present (Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGFRI); Metsahallitus, Natural Heritage Services of Ostrobothnia and Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biology of Karelian Research Centre). Also the representative of the associate Karelian Game Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture was present.

In the workshop the methods, analyzes and results of the forest reindeer studies were shared and discussed. The methods and plans of the aerial survey in Karelia in winter 2014 (counting the number of forest reindeer in Karelia) were discussed. Also sociopolitical presentations about the threats faced by forest reindeer were made, e.g. illegal hunting and wild tourism, and also a presentation about the role of the authorities and NGOs in the management of the forest reindeer populations.

After the workshop two researchers of Karelian Research Centre participated in FGFRI's collaring action in Kuhmo. The GPS collars were put on forest reindeer with the help of helicopter and anesthetic rifle.

Jenni Miettunen, Project manager

KA478 "Танцевальный водоворот"

Автор: Оксана Коноплёва
27.11.2013 13:46
There are no translations available.

«Танцевальный водоворот» снова притянул к себе любителей хореографии из районов Республики Карелия. В ноябре 2013 года на базе Карельского колледжа культуры и искусств прошла серия мастер-классов по современной хореографии. Своими секретами и уникальным опытом преподавания техники контемпорари поделились финские специалисты - Улла Мякинен, руководитель хореографического отделения профессионального колледжа Оутокумпу и Вера Лапитская – танцовщица, преподаватель, когда-то выпускница российского ВУЗа, а теперь педагог Академии им. Я.Сибелиуса (Хельсинки).
Проект, объединяющий еще только любителей танца и уже профессионалов, студентов и преподавателей реализуется благодаря финансовой поддержке Программы Приграничного Сотрудничества в рамках Европейского Инструмента Соседства и Партнёрства «Карелия». Для участия в мастер-классах в Петрозаводск съехались руководители любительских хореографических студий из районов Республики Карелия (г.г.Кондопога, Суоярви, Питкяранта, Костомукша, Олонец, п.п.Шуя, Пряжа, Святозеро, Видлица, Мегрега, Поросозеро, Ладва), а также Мурманской и Калининградской областей.

IntellGreenBelt project study tour and partner working meeting (18.11.2013)

Автор: Vasilieva Anastasia
27.11.2013 10:04
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Following the project action plan the study tour and working meeting of the project partners were organized. Active work began on the way to Finland already. The participants visited the ‘Chjornye Kamni’ hunting farm – a project associate. The farm facilitates hunting for various game species. The project experts became famil-iarized with the hunting grounds and regulations, and visited the zoo. The study tour took place in Northern Karelia, Finland, on 18.11.2013.

The itinerary included a visit to the Patvinsuo National Park. The park is a protected area with certain restrictions on human activities. There is a system of nature trails and information boards for tourists. The participants learnt about the park infrastructure. Other facilities of interest for the experts were houses for watching and photographing animals (wolverine, bear, wolf, etc.) in the wild, operated by the company ‘Era-Eero’, which organizes active nature-based recreation in Lieksa area. The company owner Mr. Eero Kortelainen told about their main activities, and took the participants to the facilities. The chairman of the local hunting association Urpo Saastamoinen told about the activities of the association and the hunting possibilities in Finland.

The concluding part of the study tour was devoted to fish resources and fishing infrastructure. Senior Research Scientist from the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute Jorma Piironen shared the experience of a project for restoration of a Saimaa salmon population. Finnish experience in organizing hunting, fishing and nature-based tourism can be used in working out models for conservation and man-agement of biological resources in a hunting farm and for active fisheries, in prepar-ing the concepts for promoting scientific excursions and learning tourism in the pro-ject pilot areas.

Having traveled altogether 270 kilometers during the 8 hours of the study tour the project partners held a working meeting in Joensuu. The participants discussed a wide range of project implementation issues, including the situation with the first project update. The partners presented the results of the first six months of project activities, and discussed the nearest plans. Proposals were put forward on organizing the project training seminars within the 6th international symposium “Dynamics of game animal populations in Northern Europe” (March 31 – April 4, 2014). Important topics discussed at the meeting were promotion of the project website and the pro-ject communication plan.

The working meeting and study tour were attended by 21 experts from the project partner organizations: Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Lead Partner); Institute of Biology and Forest Research Institute of the Karelian Research Centre RAS; Muezersky Municipal District Administration; Finnish Environment Institute, Joensuu Office; ‘Future Missions’ Oy; Republic of Karelia Regional Protected Areas Directorate; ‘Chjornye Kamni’ hunting farm, Republic of Karelia.

KA478 "Dancing whirlpool"

Автор: Oksana Konopleva
24.11.2013 16:48
There are no translations available.

«Танцевальный водоворот» снова притянул к себе любителей хореографии из районов Республики Карелия. В ноябре 2013 года на базе Карельского колледжа культуры и искусств прошла серия мастер-классов по современной хореографии. Своими секретами и уникальным опытом преподавания техники контемпорари поделились финские специалисты - Улла Мякинен, руководитель хореографического отделения профессионального колледжа Оутокумпу и Вера Лапитская – танцовщица, преподаватель, когда-то выпускница российского ВУЗа, а теперь педагог Академии им. Я.Сибелиуса (Хельсинки).
Проект, объединяющий еще только любителей танца и уже профессионалов, студентов и преподавателей реализуется благодаря финансовой поддержке Программы Приграничного Сотрудничества в рамках Европейского Инструмента Соседства и Партнёрства «Карелия». Для участия в мастер-классах в Петрозаводск съехались руководители любительских хореографических студий из районов Республики Карелия (г.г.Кондопога, Суоярви, Питкяранта, Костомукша, Олонец, п.п.Шуя, Пряжа, Святозеро, Видлица, Мегрега, Поросозеро, Ладва), а также Мурманской и Калининградской областей. Финские эксперты отметили большой интерес российских участников к данному направлению современного танца. Действительно, организация подобных мастер-классов с участием зарубежных специалистов в небольших городах и поселках на периферии практически невозможна из-за целого ряда проблем. Проект «Танцевальный водоворот» предоставил такую возможность педагогам-хореографам, пригласив их в Петрозаводск. Освоение техники контемпорари - это сложный и длительный процесс. И, конечно, за короткий период невозможно освоить её в совершенстве. Но, организаторы проекта и финские специалисты очень надеются, что полученные азы техники контемпа, лексические комбинации, методические материалы, а также DVD с запись перформанса «Dancing whirlpool» («Танцевальный водоворот») помогут участникам мастер-классов в дальнейшем обновить репертуар своих коллективов и привлечь новую аудиторию к занятиям хореографией.

KA526 Clean Ladoga | Reports on Ladoga pollution

Автор: ENPI
22.11.2013 12:53
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During summer and fall 2013 the experts of "Clean Ladoga" project have carried out significant research work in 2 major fields: water and biological resources in the Ladoga Lake and Ladoga basin rivers. By the middle of November the Institute of Northern water problems of Karelian research centre of RAS has analyzed 74 water samples. The results of the research are presented in 2 reports.

The first one is titled "Anthropogenic impact on the northern part of the Ladoga Lake from local discharge points". The report contains water quality characteristic of 19 tributaries of the Ladoga Lake and its' assessment by regional maximum allowable concentrations of pollutants. It also provides the estimations of the chemical flow of tributaries and determines the anthropogenic influence on pollution of Ladoga from nonpoint sources water pollution by agriculture sector  and trout farms located in Karelia. The report reveals that agricultural facilities are major contributors to heavy anthropogenic influence on the Ladoga Lake.

The second one is "Anthropogenic impact on the northern part of the Ladoga Lake from point sources of contamination". The report includes the results of analysis of sewage water discharged into Ladoga and its hydrographic network from 19 point sources of pollution located in Karelia. The level of pollution caused by every point source 500 m away from the source itself was defined. The analysis of chemical composition and treatment efficiency of sewage water showed the low efficiency of the major part of biological treatment plants located in Priladozhje. The experts determined the level of anthropogenic influence caused by point sources of pollution and its share in total anthropogenic influence on the Ladoga Lake caused by Karelia.

At the moment the project experts are preparing GIS maps indicating all points where the water samples  were taken as well as detailed hydrochemical analysis of each of them.

The reports as well as latest project news could also be found at

Rock Art Bridge exhibition

Автор: Denis Maksimov
17.11.2013 08:25
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The first Rock Art exhibition "Revelation of the stone book" has been opened in Suomussalmi.

KA342 | One year before Matkachi

Автор: Denis Rogatkin
29.10.2013 10:09
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October 7-11, 2013 Russian participants of project had their internship in the Finnish Hyvarila center. Participants prepared a handful of project ideas for organization of joint youth camps in summer and autumn 2014 before the trip. Cooperation with Finnish partners took place in the Hyvarila youth center, which is situated in the outskirts of Nurmes, Finland. Participants tried to develop new projects that would be interesting for the youth and fill out an application form for international grant. Some found it easy but others had to worry about their projects. In a year we will work on them within Matkachi educational youth center, which will be opened in Karelia in the framework of the project. Read a story about the internship on the project web site:

Denis Rogatkin

A project leaflet about Rock Art is issued soon

Автор: The Rock Art Bridge
21.10.2013 15:52
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Stone Age art galleries (World-famous rock art) created by our ancestors about 5000-7000 years ago still keep people excited by their mystery. One might say that there appears genuine stone chronicle reflecting world view, belief and rituals of the ancient man. It is the so-called book of eternity allowing modern people to look into the ancientry that keeps safely the ancestors world. There is an urgent need to draw rock art as the valuable cultural and historic heritage in the common process for renascence and progress of culture. The White Sea petroglyphs as well as the Varikallio Neolithic rupestrian drawings are unique examples of the Northern European primitive art. These monuments might have been created by common Finno-Ugric ancestors of contemporary Karelian and Finnish people.

The project is focused on the development of a certain Rock Art Bridge that will combine ancient Finnish and Russian monuments. The Bridge will contribute to establishing a common information space based on rock art and to strengthening cross-border cooperation in the field of cultural tourism between The Republic of Karelia and Finland. The Rock Art Bridge Project should provide additional opportunities to study the primitive art monuments as well as it will draw attention of the authorities to the issues of rock art conservation and use.

The Rock Art Brigde project

Dancing whirlpool in Finland

Автор: Oksana Konopleva
17.10.2013 10:06
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From October 8-13-th a visit of students and teachers of Karelian College of Culture and Arts in the Finnish town of Outokumpu took place. The trip was organized within the framework of the project КА478 «Dancing whirlpool» and is a continuation of cooperation between Karelian College of Culture and Arts and the North Karelian College in Outokumpu. A unique creative project is funded by cross-border program under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument "Karelia" (PPP ENPI "Karelia").

A rich program of the trip included master classes and rehearsals, during which the Russian and Finnish students gained a knowledge of contemporary dance technique and contact improvisation. Describing their impressions of the rehearsal session in Finland, Karelian students mentioned that five days in Finland were remarkable for them thanks to a new approach to motion. Any motion must be justified : it is important from where the impulse comes, the power and the tempo-rhythm of the impulse . Modern dance, contemporary to be exact, is the dance of the body , the dance of the soul, the knowledge of your own world . But in spite of this depth, it should be clearly understood what is happening around you. It is necessary to react to the world around you. If you aren’t dancing alone, you should constantly contact with your partner and then contact improvisation is born. The main event of the trip to Finland was showing a choreographic performance, created by the students and teachers of two schools during a very short time period - in just five days. We can note with pride that the idea of the performance and its intellectual beginning belongs to our students. Three Nornas , the goddesses of human fate , are holding the scrolls . The old wise Urd is reading the scroll of the past. Verdandy owns the scroll of the present. The third Norna, young Skuld, is keeping the scroll of the future . The Nornas live in the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree, and every day they pour the tree from the source. The interaction energy of the goddesses is twisting the whirpool of human lives. The premiere of the performance for the Finnish audience took place in the theater "Kiisu" in Outokumpu and in the dance theater "Sotku" in Kuopio. There were two different scenic areas, two different displays. But in both cases the students demonstrated very sincere performing and dedication and as a response they had a warm welcome of the audience.

Participation in such international projects is a great experience for the students of two countries - they have an opportunity to learn and adopt the culture of dance and communication, traditions and customs of other people, make friends, improve their knowledge. Further project activities will be focused on teaching contemporary dance technique to managers of amateur dance studioes of the Republic of Karelia and holding the Festival of Contemporary Dance in Petrozavodsk.

Oksana Konopleva

О судьбе кумжи реки Оланга из первых рук: встреча участников проекта с прессой (Петрозаводск)

Автор: ENPI
25.09.2013 07:15
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27 сентября 2013 г. в рамках Дня Европейского сотрудничества в Петрозаводске пройдет презентация проектов, осуществляемых под эгидой Программы Приграничного Сотрудничества в рамках Европейского Инструмента Соседства и Партнёрства «Карелия» (ППС ЕИСП «Карелия»). Общее мероприятие пройдет в помещении Национального театра РК с 15 до 17 часов.


В этот же день в 12 часов в помещении Северного НИИ рыбного хозяйства (наб. Варкауса, 3, третий этаж) будет представлен проект «Сохранить общее богатство: устойчивая популяция кумжи в бассейне реки Оланга».

В ходе встречи с прессой российские и финляндские участники проекта готовы ответить на любые связанные с ним вопросы. Заинтересованным будут представлены печатные и видеоматериалы.


Дополнительная информация:

Илья Соломещ,  тел.  +7 911 401 0649

Vaellustaimenhankkeen infotilaisuus tiedotusvälineille Petroskoissa 27.9.

Автор: Raisa Nikula (KA531)
24.09.2013 15:26
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Hankkeen ”Saving our joint treasure: sustainable trout fisheries for the transborder Oulanka River system” venäläinen kumppani Pohjoinen kalantutkimuslaitos (SevNIIRH) järjestää tiloissaan Petroskoissa infotilaisuuden tiedotusvälineille perjantaina 27. syyskuuta.

Tilaisuudessa venäläiset kala-asiantuntijat kertovat tähän mennessä tehdystä työstä ja tulevista tavoitteista, kuvilla ja filmimateriaalilla höystettynä. Kysymyksiin on paikalla vastaamassa myös projektipäällikkö Metsähallituksesta.

Paikka: Pohjoinen kalantutkimuslaitos, 3 krs, Varkaus-katu 3 Aika: 12:00

Myöhemmin samana päivänä Petroskoissa on esillä myös muita Karelia ENPI CBC -ohjelman hankkeita, kun eurooppalaista yhteistyötä juhlitaan klo 15-17 Kansallisen teatterin tiloissa osoitteessa Marxin katu 9

«Сохранить общее богатство: устойчивая популяция кумжи в бассейне реки Оланга» - встреча с прессой в Петрозаводске 27 сентября

Автор: Raisa Nikula (KA531)
24.09.2013 15:16
There are no translations available.

27 сентября 2013 г. в рамках Дня Европейского сотрудничества в Петрозаводске пройдет презентация проектов, осуществляемых под эгидой Программы Приграничного Сотрудничества в рамках Европейского Инструмента Соседства и Партнёрства «Карелия» (ППС ЕИСП «Карелия»). Общее мероприятие пройдет в помещении Национального театра РК с 15 до 17 часов.

В этот же день в 12 часов в помещении Северного НИИ рыбного хозяйства (наб. Варкауса, 3, третий этаж) будет представлен проект «Сохранить общее богатство: устойчивая популяция кумжи в бассейне реки Оланга».

В ходе встречи с прессой российские и финляндские участники проекта готовы ответить на любые связанные с ним вопросы. Заинтересованным будут представлены печатные и видеоматериалы.

Дополнительная информация: Илья Соломещ, тел. +7 911 401 0649

PREVENT-hankkeen julkinen seminaari ja opettajien koulutusseminaari Oulussa marraskuun lopussa

Автор: Kaisa Koivuranta
16.09.2013 09:48
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Oulussa järjestetään PREVENT-hankkeen puitteissa marraskuun lopussa kaksi seminaaria: julkinen, kaikille avoin seminaari torstaina 28.11.2013 ja koulutusseminaari hankkeeseen osallistuville suomalaisille opettajille perjantaina 29.11.2013.

Syrjäytymisestä osallisuuteen – Miten edistämme lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointia? -seminaari järjestetään Oulussa torstaina 28.11.2013. Julkisessa seminaarissa kuullaan asiantuntijaluentoja lasten ja nuorten syrjäytymisestä sekä sen ehkäisemisestä. Lisäksi seminaarissa esitellään PREVENT-hanketta ja hankkeeseen osallistuvien koulujen kehittämishankkeita. Seminaaripäivän päätteeksi käydään paneelikeskustelu, johon osallistuu niin tutkijoita, opettaja kuin koulupsyykkarikin. Lisätietoa julkisesta seminaarista PREVENT-hankkeen verkkosivuilla osoitteessa

Hankkeeseen osallistuville suomalaisille opettajille järjestetään koulutuspäivä perjantaina 29.11.2013 Oulun yliopistolla. Päivän tarkoituksena on antaa opettajille tukea koulujen kehittämishankkeiden toteuttamiseen. Päivän pääteema on huolen puheeksiotto lasten ja nuorten kanssa. Tähän aiheeseen opettajat pääsevät perehtymään asiantuntijan johdolla.


Автор: ENPI
12.09.2013 10:36
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In April 2013 the project “Mediation in progress - developing conflict resolution” (KA462) opened a mediation office in Petrozavodsk and published an informative website “Mediation services in Karelia” (

Two more mediation offices in will be opened in the Republic of Karelia, in Pryazha and Sortavala, in autumn 2013. In Pryazha region the official opening ceremony will be organized on September 18th and in Sortavala region a week later, on September 24th.

The opening ceremonies of the offices will include presentations by authorities from Russia and Finland and a discussion about the future development of mediation in the areas and cross-border cooperation between mediation offices in Finland and Russia.

The offices will be offering mediating services in criminal cases and in the resolution of other conflicts involving minors.

For more information, please contact project manager Sonja Kortelainen Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript (University of Eastern Finland) or visit website

The final seminar of the Ground water supply in Sortavala district project takes place on September 24-25, 2013 in Sortavala.

Автор: Henna-Mari Helenius
05.09.2013 08:53
There are no translations available.

Partners of this project would like to share the experience of Finnish-Russian cooperation in engineering of water supply systems in rural settlements of Karelia using the ground water resources. They invite everyone, who is interested in drinking water issues and results of this project, to participate in the seminar.

For more information please contact Ilona Grekelä, project coordinator:

Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

Please kindly notify of your participation before September 14, 2013 for timely addressing organization issues.

KA 407/New Business Model between Kainuu and Karelian wood industries participated in bioforum

Автор: Mari Maier
08.08.2013 10:04
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On June 18th 2013, KA 407 participated in the Bioforum, which was held in at Kaukametsä in Kajaani. The bioforum was organized by KA 408, the BIOKOS project, and it gathered together over 60 participants from Russia, Finland and Sweden.

The project coordinator of KA 407 presented to the audience the overall objectives and goals of the project but also the problem with the residuals of the wood processing industry. The aim was to find possible partners for the participating companies in order to be able to make a use of the residuals in form of bioenergy.

Seminar in Joensuu

Автор: "Museum for family"
10.07.2013 14:22
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1-2 July 2013 "Museum for family" project partners gathered for a seminar in the North Karelian Museum, Joensuu.

the program featured presentation of survey results, that were held in Petrozavodsk and Joensuu and were aimed at evaluating cultural knowledge and satisfaction with museum services among families with children.

Developers of educational and leisure program discussed plans and methodology of events that will be organized in family playrooms. They participated in a number of workshops and exchanged experience of organizing eductional and leisure events in their organizations. The program for families with children under 10 will cover such topics as: karelian and Finnish traditional costume, making of a traditional fabric doll, aminals, holidays and many more.

An upcoming photography project was discussed as well. Russian and Finnish photographers will travel around home regions to collect family portraits and organize a photography exhibition.

After two days of hard work the rooms and their substance became a lot more shaped and visible. The program will be interesting for the whole family, it will feature educational and leisure events, celebrations and games.

All in all, the seminar helped the partners to move forward in their cooperation, discuss administrative and organizational isues, as well as evaluate the results of 6-month work and make plans for the next 6 months.

KA342 | Design of the Matkachi center

Автор: Denis Rogatkin
08.07.2013 18:02
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LLC Freedom, the contractor for preparation of design specification and estimates and construction of the Matkachi center prepared a sketch plan of the buildings. The accommodation unit will comprise 7 rooms each designed for 4-6 people. Sanitary rules were considered while designing the premises, total area is calculated on the basis that in children’s camps 4,5 sq.m is required for one child. Total capacity of the accommodation unit for children is 32. During youth camps the total capacity will raise up to 50 people. There will be bathrooms and showers in the building, all adapted for people with limited mobility. The plan of study and administration unit includes a kitchen and a community hall that will combine a dining area and a training room. The roof over the training room will be elevated in order to make it more spacious. Large windows will ensure beautiful lake view and make the hall bright. The blueprints were approved by the administration and the construction company is now able to proceed to the next stage of production of project documents.

On the project web pages you can see not only the drawings but a video with 3D model of the buildings as well. You are welcome to give you comments at or at the Facebook pages


Автор: ENPI
05.07.2013 08:08
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The study carried out in the RUNAT project gathered updated information and insight into the potential Russian rural tourists and created rural tourist segments based on their motivations and expectations. Besides motivations and expectations, information was also collected on activities, accommodation and on the sources of information used in holiday planning. Data was gathered in Saint Petersburg and Moscow with a paper and pen survey. Also an electronic survey questionnaire was available. Total amount of responses received was 2096.

Besides rural tourism related questions, a few questions regarding general holiday planning were also included in the survey. Respondents were asked to choose the most important motivations for choosing a holiday destination. The four most important statements were the following: Enjoying comfort, spoiling myself (48.4%), broadening my mind, enjoying sightseeing (39.1%), enjoying the sun and water (34.8%) and enjoying landscape and nature (31.1%). The type of destination that was the most preferred was a location on seaside (53.2%).

Based on the importance of the travel motivations, four segments were distinguished via cluster analysis and discriminant analysis: Memorable Experience Seekers, Active Rural Holidayers, Comfort Seeking Romantics and Casual Rural Holiday Seekers.

Read more on the website

Satu Karhapää-Puhakka, Project Manager

Aducate, Centre for Training and Development

University of Eastern Finland

"Eco-efficient tourism" proves eco-friendly technologies to be profitable /KA358

Автор: ENPI
18.06.2013 12:03
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A training seminar "Eco-efficient technologies in tourism" was held in Sortavala  on May, 30. The participants of the Seminar were presented the experience and best Russian and foreign practices of establishment and development of tourism stopovers along popular tourist routes.

The target group of the Seminar included specialists of District and Settlement Administrations, local entrepreneurs, experts and community leaders developing tourist services in the District, as well as students of Sortavala college who will implement eco-efficient technologies in practice in the near future.

Rich and diverse programme was offered to the guests of the Seminar. The Head of Sortavala District Leonid Gulevich gave an opening speech and highlighted the importance of cooperation between local government and international expert community in the development of tourist infrastructure.

Local experts and entrepreneurs familiarized the guests of the Seminar with the process of implementation of eco-efficiency concept in Sortavala District today. The Director of "Kolmas Karelia" Alexander Artemiev shared his experience of establishing a successful tourist business and development of marble canyon Ruskeala with young specialists. The topic of eco-efficient development of guided tours (mainly, cave ones) was continued by Anton Yushko from Leningrad brunch of Russian Geographical Society. He is a specialist who has already been doing the research of this unique object, which is attracting more and more tourists every year, for a very long time.  He underlined that in spite of significant success in cave research, Russia is still far behind the developed countries in applied speleology: for example, in protection and use of caves. But we all know that every high-quality and well-equipped underground object becomes a major tourist attraction. Consequently, every modern cave museum can become a great start in territory branding for Sortavala District.

The representative of Sortavala history museum Igor Borisov presented the idea of Northern Priladozhje tourist potential development on basis of unique geological features and industrial objects. He also drew special attention of participants on the importance of increase of trust to the authorities which is an inherent part of sustainable development of territories.

This idea was also supported by the Finnish experts who presented their experience in increasing eco-efficiency in tourism. The specific feature of Finnish practice is that the state plays a major role and develops the infrastructure, and the entrepreneurs provide for services. The representatives of Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for North Karelia Timo Hokkanen and Daisy Silvennoinen as well as the manager from Finnish Environment Institute Suvi Karmeniemi devoted their reports to such important topics as motivation of business to use eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies and the ways of attraction of investments for nature tourism development.

The final part of the Seminar included the report by experts of Institute of Economic Studies of KarRC RAS - Yekaterina Biktimirova, Artem Shishkin and Yevgeny Zhirnel - who presented practical recommendations on the rational use of recreational potential of territories and wise approach to establishment and marketing of business and services in tourism.

To sum up, the keynote of all presentations and vivid discussions was an idea that the introduction of eco-efficient technologies is inevitable despite of all challenges and limitations that exist in Russia. Ultimately, every ruble spent on increase in eco-efficiency leads enormous benefits through the decrease of costs and increase in profit. However we should remember that tourists pay for a beautiful view from the window of his cottage, but not for the energy efficient heat pump installed there. This is why it's extremely important to find a balance between the introduction of eco-friendly technologies and natural beauty of leisure areas.

KA342 The trail of Haapasalo

Автор: Denis Rogatkin
14.06.2013 18:53
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May 12-13 in the framework of project a Finnish delegation of youth work specialists visited Karelia.

The delegation comprised 16 youth leaders from Oulu, Joensuu, Nurmes, Kuopio, Varkaus and Iisalmi. The purpose of the trip was to learn about work of Karelian participants of project and discover new opportunities for development of youth educational tourism.

During 4 days the delegation visited 4 cities: Sortavala, Pitkyaranta, Olonets and Petrozavodsk. They had meetings in Youth Cultural Center of Sortavala district, Pitkyaranta School No 1, Olonets House of Children’s Arts, Petrozavodsk School No 42, Alternativa youth volunteer center, Republican Children’s Center of Ecology and Biology, Petrovskaya School, Veresk family center, and in Piligrim sports and ecology center’s country house.

And naturally, Matkachi camp base was an integral part of the program as the place where soon an international youth center will be constructed.

The trip ended with a meeting of the Project Group and discussion of upcoming joint events and development of cooperation.

During the trip Finish colleagues demonstrated interest to work of Karelian partners and high qualification in the field of media technology. Just like Ville Haapasalo, the Finnish actor, who made a series of episodes about Russian Finno-Ugrians, they made four films about their trip to Karelia.

This film can become a great video-guide for youth groups from Finland who would like to visit Karelia and organize joint programs with Karelian Partners.

See the video at:

"Eco-efficient tourism" project presented technologies for facilitation of several tourist stopovers along a Blue Road

Автор: ENPI
06.05.2013 08:08
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A training seminar "Eco-efficient technologies in tourism" was held in Pryazha  on April 22. The participants of the seminar were presented the experience and best Russian and foreign practices of establishment and development of tourism stopovers along popular tourist routes.

Local entrepreneurs, specialists from District and Settlement Administrations as well as local experts in tourism and culture took part in the Seminar.

The training was divided into 3 sections. The first part was devoted to reports on theory and practice of recreational zones creation and introduction of eco-efficient technologies in the sphere of tourism presented by Russian and Finnish partners of the project. The leader of the project Igor Shevchuk gave a speech on implementation of eco-efficiency concept in tourism. Experts from Institute of Economic Studies of  Karelian Research Centre of RAS had done the review of best practices of creation and development of recreational zones. Finnish Environment Institute representative Suvi Kärmeniemi shared Finnish experience of tourist routes development (the example of international route “Blue Road”) with the guests of the Seminar. And the mayor of Ilomantsi Markku Lappalainen told about implementation of eco-efficiency concept in his city and invited everyone to attend "Eco-hiking day" that will be organized in the framework of the project on June 29.

The second section was devoted to workshop on financial and consulting provision of business in the sphere of tourism. The director of Student business incubator of PetrSU Alexander Konovalov told about the opportunities for receiving grant support of business activity and band about the opportunities for receiving  the project June 29.ular tourist routs. a Blue Road

asis of business planning. The discussion had also touched upon main problems that are faced by first-time entrepreneurs and opportunities that could be discovered after getting consulting support of business projects.

The final session dealt with technical and organizational solutions for development of recreational territories. Alexander Berdino, one of the members of a project technical group, had presented the review of existing technical solutions for tourist infrastructural objects development, and the Head of land relations and architecture of Pryazha municipal district Administration Miroslava Nazarina familiarized the participants with legal aspects and regimes of land use in the framework of recreational zones creation.

According to participants' opinions, the seminar has become a useful training and discussion platform, that allowed to get new knowledge on how to organize business related to provision of tourist services and what up-to-date technologies could be used for the development of tourist stopovers.

The second pilot territory of the project - Sortavala district - will host a similar seminar on May 30-31, 2013.

Additional information:

Ellen Cherniakevich, cherniakevich[at]


Автор: Oxana Konopleva
05.05.2013 18:23
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April 29, 2013 ended with a joint creative journey of students of Karelian College of Culture and Arts (Russia) and Professional College in Outokumpu (Finland). Members of the international project «Dancing whirlpool», funded by a cross-border program in the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument "Karelia", presented residents of Petrozavodsk, Segezha and Kostamuksha an experimental performance which had been prepared by the students and teachers during a rehearsal session in Outokumpu (Finland). The coordinator of the project from the Finnish side Ulla Makinen noted that in the submitted performance the most important and valuable issue is the joint work of the students of two colleges, two different cultures. The participants created dance material, offering their own ideas on which they worked together. A central point in the process of setting the performance was developing the skills to be together, to be in one piece, one group, to feel each other in space and time. Mastering the basic principles of improvisation, the students tried to find different ways of how to make contact in the dance. The performance was warmly received by the audience. The viewers were interested in a mythological, philosophical theme of Norns - the universal forces that rule the world, control the cosmic energy, spin the whirl of human lives. The majority of the Finnish participants visited Russia for the first time - they first met with Russian culture, life, kitchen. The project enabled the Russian and Finnish students to experience cross-cultural interaction, to practice the knowledge of a foreign language. For Karelian College of Culture and Arts it is the first experience of a major international project. The first stage is over, a new creative session is to be held in autumn 2013 in Outokumpu, Kuopio and Kajaani.

Oxana Konopleva, Karelian College of Culture and Arts


Автор: Matti Nissinen
02.05.2013 11:04
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LLW(Lifelong Wellbeing)-Projec tkick off took place in Kostomuksha 19.04.2013. At place were 16 representatives from 3 partner organizations. The budget was most discussed issue. Hopefull in next meeting 20.05.2013 everything will be ok.

BIOFORUM 18th of June in Kajaani

Автор: Sanna Nikola-Määttä
25.04.2013 12:37
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KA408 The Biofuel Power in Kostomuksha - BIOKOS

BIOKOS-project organizes bioforum in Kajaani Kaukametsä (Address: Koskikatu 2-4) on Tuesday 18th of June at 9-16.

Final program will publish as soon as possible.

More information:

Sanna Nikola-Määttä Project Manager / BIOKOS Regional Council of Kainuu Mob. +358 44 410 0745

E-mail: sanna.nikola-maatta[at]

Tendering of heat power plant supplies

Автор: Henna-Mari Helenius
18.04.2013 10:06
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BIOKOS project is tendering supplies for a combined heat power plant to be built in Kostomuksha. The call for proposals closes on 1st June 2013. The announcement can be found from HILMA.

Additional information:

Project manager Sanna Nikola-Määttä

Regional Council of Kainuu

tel. +358 44 410 0745


Training Seminar in Petrozavodsk

Автор: University of Oulu
15.04.2013 08:52
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The first training seminar for the project participants of Developing Cross-Border Knowhow on the Prevention of Social Exclusion of Children and Youth -project was held in Petrozavodsk on April 11-12, 2013. The training seminar was organized by the Karelian State Pedagogical Academy (KSPA) in collaboration with the Oulu University Extension School. The purpose of this seminar was to provide training for teachers and other professionals working in the participating schools. The seminar aimed to increase participants' knowledge and expertise about preventive mechanisms and good practices to prevent social exclusion of children and youth.

The seminar consisted of three elements. There were lectures given by experts of psychology, sociology, education and youth research. The topics of the lectures were ‘Social Wellbeing and Life Control’, ‘Social Exclusion’ and ‘Psychosocial Support on the Development of Children and Youth’. The second element was workshop, where the participants started creating the developmental projects in their schools. Third element of the seminar was familiarizing with the Karelian educational system by a visit to a local school.

The seminar provided fruitful environment for networking and collaborative activities. The seminar highlighted the importance of child-centered approach when supporting children’s and young people’s life management and preventing social exclusion. Understanding the children’s and young people’s life should always be the basis of support offered to them.

Invitation to seminar on e-Tourism in Karelia and Oulu Region, in Petrozavodsk on 23-25 April 2013

Автор: ENPI CBC Karelia KA-322
02.04.2013 16:50
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On behalf of the ENPI KA179 project team we would like to welcome you to the 2nd seminar on e-Tourism in Karelia and Oulu Region, held in beautiful capital of Russian Karelia, Petrozavodsk, April 23-25, 2013. Seminar “e-Tourism in Karelia and Oulu Region” provides great opportunity to foster dialogue between tourism and ICT industry representatives from Russia and Finland. The seminar is aimed at creating a platform for knowledge and expertise sharing to strengthen cross-border collaboration, exchange experiences and best practices of using perspective approaches and latest information technologies for the development of e-tourism services and infrastructures in Russian Karelia and Oulu regions.

The seminar will consist of presentations given by invited industrial and academic experts and round table discussions; besides trainings on Geo2Tag open source platform and 3D Internet will be organized.

We warmly welcome you to contribute to the seminar by participation in interactive discussions and experience sharing. The seminar is free of charge. Registration to seminar by April 15, 2013, at the seminar web page:  Please visit the seminar web page for more information and to follow latest updates.

Looking forward to see you at seminar!

Invitation to ICT week and 13th FRUCT conference in Petrozavodsk on 22-26 April 2013

Автор: ENPI CBC Karelia KA-179
02.04.2013 16:46
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On behalf of the ENPI KA179 project team we invite you to take part in the ICT week and 13th FRUCT conference ( that will be held in Petrozavodsk on 22-26 April 2013. The event will include a number of educational and scientific modules, advanced courses and seminars and demo session. For example you have a chance to free of charge take part in professional training on Windows 8, Geo2Tag platform, 3D Internet and so on. The event brings together the top academic and industrial experts in ICT and should be seen as a great opportunity to learn more about potential and get new best practices for development of the region in ICT field. In addition to educational and scientific sessions there will be a number of presentation on cooperation activities between Russia and Finland, presentations of ongoing FRUCT projects and status reports from a number of universities from Russia, Finland. Thanks to funding of ENPI Karelia program, contribution of FRUCT community and industrial partners the event and all educational sessions and trainings are free of charge for the participants.

For registration and additional information about the event please visit the conference web site

Looking forward to see you in Petrozavodsk!

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